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May 28, 2011

My Family Meets the Mermaid

I have spent quite a bit of time swimming about here and there, or being swamped in real life. My family is online at different times then I am normally. I was home sick in real life so I took advantage and jumped in world for a visit. It was the first time they saw and learned that I went fishy. They understood the back story and actually expected it with the information I had conveyed to them.

My father teleported me right into the store because they were working. I floated and watched as they worked. While there, I saw a spider chase around a lady and a tornado spin in the same area. The customer’s love to be on voice and so we were able to listen to a variety of conversations. I can’t say I understood the conversations, but I heard them just the same, My parents tell me they have heard far worse.

It is movie release day, so new movies need to go up. I felt like I swam out of one of the science fiction movies as the advertisement. At any rate, it was awesome to spend some time. It was what the doctor ordered to sooth my soul. I do miss being able to be around like I used to do.



May 7, 2011

Surprise!! It’s Your Wedding Day!

And she was surprised!  Zadi and Dad had Mom convinced that we were going to have a family day doing a scavenger hunt.  This has been a conversation going on for over a month while Zadi prepared and coordinating their renewal vows wedding ceremony as a surprise to our Mom.

We were all standing together when Mom was called to us.  She was all set for the scavenger hunt, but instead landed to see two of her daughters dressed up as bridesmaids.  I am sure she was thinking…whhhhhhaatts up here!

Then Dad asked her if she would marry him again.  It was sweet, romantic and dorky.  True family style…well true to our family’s style anyway.  They had the cutest conversation as she said yes.  Zadi posted it to everyone on the sim.  That is when our Mom asked – we have guests?  LOL!  Surprise!~

Zadi lead us into one of the store’s employee area.  From there she delivered a wedding dress, shoes and flowers.  Surprisingly enough, Mom did not have those shoes.  She has EVERY shoe ever made it seems like.  Zadi managed to find a set she did not have.  Woot Woot!

We dressed the mom and away we went into a beach paradise for a renewal wedding.  It was very beautiful, and resulted in some good memories.

The first dance

The kiss

The ceremony

The End ~ Giggles~ I could not resist!!
The End

May 7, 2011

Sneaky Sisters

Zadi was tasked by our dad, Chi to coordinate, plan and execute a wedding for him and our mom, Bella. Yes, they are already married! He wanted to surprise her, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Zadi pulled me over to the wedding spot to show me the set up and it was very beautiful. The minister was busy setting things up. She helped him test the pose balls. He had to lower one ball for me since I am such a shorty. I took a picture that our parents will ground Zadi after seeing. She kissed the minister to be sure the “you may kiss the bride” ball set was working properly and that it was placed properly.

At any rate, I had fun hanging out with Zadi for a little while. Unfortunately, real life homework had pulled me away, like it normally does.




Now to go tell our parents what Zadi did with the minister….so I leave out part of the story. It will be fun to watch her wriggle in troubles!

March 20, 2011

Enter Trouble at Lush

This past week, my sister Zadi wanted to talk to me.  We do not get to talk very often because our online hours are different.  Typically, my online hours from my virtual family is this way.  They are on in the day and I am typically on late in the evening, if at all.

Anyway, the two of us were chit chatting and it can be rest assured that when this happens, we are up to something.  That something I can’t discuss because a squirrel took it and secreted it away.  😛

As I studied for one of my real life law exams, Zadi gave me momentary measures of breaks from studying.  She teleported me to a club that she was hanging at named Lush.  Lush plays pretty much standard club music. Predominately pop dance music.  It is an okay club.  Not my style or taste, but we all know that I am biased towards the styling of the various types of Rock found at !Exodus!, as well as the people.  Every club has their following.

For me the downside to Lush is actually the things that are common in most virtual clubs.  You have the DJ, the Host or Hostess and a set of dancers.  All of which expect tips.  Honestly, I don’t want to listen to the emotes or watch a dancer dance, strip or entice.  Its plainly boring.  I rather the intimate teasing, jokes and conversations of the patron.  Someone emoting through the conversation is distracting and disruptive.  Really, my feeling is go to strip down club for that.  Don’t combine the two.  Blah!  Then you have the only true conversation going on being the dancers and the Hostess or Host spamming you with emotes or who you should tip at this great club – rawr!

Meh – I am just not into it.  It’s not my style.  I know others love it and that is great.  The club is not empty, does have active patrons and it looks all pink and dangerous.

Nevertheless, Zadi and I did our scheming, planning and overall enjoyed our time together.  I am going to drag her over to !Exodus! to show her how the Rockers do it and why we do it better.

January 13, 2011

Family Time

Due to a real life snow storm, I was able to skip in the virtual worlds in between shoveling and spend a little bit of time with my virtual family.  Normally, I am on too late at night to see them.  While talking with my virtual parents, my virtual sister popped up.  She stole a break from work.  Giggles!  This is my sister.

We were chit chatting a tiny bit in IMs.  My sister shared some pictures with me of what she had done to our father when he decided to do an afk stint.  They are funny, but those pictures are family secret squirrel ha haz.

Here is the family as we chit chat.  Mind you we have other siblings that are not present.

Then our father found out that those certain pictures were shared and he grounded us with a minor talking to.  Grounding is avatar freezing.  You can’t move or chat, but you can IM.  LOL!

Gotta love family time, even if you end up grounded along the way.

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January 2, 2011

Bubble Play

Okay…so I couldn’t resist playing with it.  Its not perfect, nor is it great.  However, I find it cute.  Another gif animation using pictures from within the bubble.  LOL!

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January 2, 2011

Bubble Story

We left of with my brief introduction of my virtual world parents.  I had made mention that the pictures of my virtual mom were taken inside of a bubble.  My virtual dad created this bubble to protect her from falling, bumping into things and from any bad thing that life can throw at her.

Now that may sound all romantic, but see, dad is a scripter.  Soooo, the bubble does say a variety of messages that he changes at will.  Some are *coughs* colorful to say the least.  If you want a bubble contact Chiman Fassbinder and let him know that you read about it on his offspring’s blog, that he is currently unaware of at the moment.  LOL!

At any rate, below are pictures that tell the rest of the story behind mom’s pictures.  We might be onto a new toy to play with in a variety of ways.  It is something to explore in a world that is only interrupted by our lack of imagination.  /evil smirks!

PS  This is my formal post of the week.  I am thinking Sunday is a great day for it.

January 2, 2011

I Did It!!!

I spoke with my closest and we talked about what has been going on, the transition, why and a complete update and catch up.  She is the most gracious person.  Despite the things she has gone through she still understood and perhaps maybe more then I do.

I feel awful about this past year, but the good news is we have a new year upon us.  The timing is impeccable.  Today, I was able to spend time with her in world and her virtual hubby.  These are my virtual world parents, even if I am no longer the kitteh they first met.  I guess even in virtual families, blood is thick.

I snapped the below pictures of her while she stood in a bubble made by her hubby.  LOL!  It was quite the bubble.  The bubble created an interesting look in the way it separated her from the backgrounds.  The man in the background is her hubby and my virtual world dad. She is my virtual world mom.

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